Saturday, 26 January 2013

Trackmaster Thomas' Wild Ride - Thomas Finds Hiro

One of the Trackmaster expansion sets that our son got for Christmas was Thomas' Wild Ride, which replicates the famous scene where Thomas meets his new friends Hiro hidden along an abandoned track.
The set includes a special track section where the included Thomas can trigger a spring loaded mechanism where trees jump out the way to reveal a cardboard image of Hiro. As the special section is based around a three way junction you very easily replace the cardboard cut out with a model of Hiro.
The set comes with quite a bit of track, and also includes a junction point so integrating it into your existing Trackmaster set up should be straight forward.
Thomas' Wildride also includes a couple of extra scenery sections, a couple of the bends have posts which overhang the track, as Thomas passes them he pushes them out the way and they spring back after he has past.      
The track and feature pieces from this impressive set have fitted nicely into our existing layout.
The video below shows the Thomas finding Hiro.

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