Monday, 25 June 2012

Toby's Windmill and Maron Water Tower

Following on from our initial purchase of our Thomas Rides the Rails Trackmaster set we were keen to expand our sons set with some interactive accessories, and as our son has a fascination with windmills, we were attracted to the Toby's Windmill & Maron Water Tower expansion.

This Expansion set doesn't include any additional track or trains but does include two well detailed models, a water  tower and and a windmill both of which have a mechanical feature.

Toby's windmill has a button on the base which when pressed rotates the windmills blades and when the spout on the Maron Water Tower is pressed down the blue plastic water moves down into the tower giving the effect that water is emptying into the a train.
Whilst the is no direct interaction with trains on the track this expansion set adds extra character to a Track master set.
The video below shows the Toby's Windmill & Maron Water Tower Trackmaster expansion set in action.

You can buy the kit by clicking here

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